Professional Training Program is provided by Pro Tree to enhance your particular set of skills to boost knowledge to make you upper hand in current industrial requirement. We are offering many training and development program like- Industrial Training, Corporate Training,  Crash Course, Technical Training and Management Training. These training programs are very beneficial for your career growth because in our training program we taught you in perspective of industrial requirements.

Professional Training Program

Technical Training

Technical training of Pro Tree, in which we taught in latest technology used in current time. We provide the technical training on different topics like- Big Data, Hadoop, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, PHP, Java,Net, Android, Graphics Designing etc. In the technical training program, we deal with all technical aspect of current technology; we give full knowledge, how to use these tool. Our company tie-up with many commercial organization and industries for technical training and they get the maximum result.

Professional Training Program

Management Training

Management training is a process of training personnel to be a manager; to making them work with the problem and find out the solution of a particular problem. Pro Tree has best management trainer and who already trained many commercial and non-commercial organization and get the maximum result. We offer the management training in the following field-

  1. Business Development Training program
  2. IT Management Training program
  3. Project Management Training Program
  4. International Business Training Program
  5. Event management Training program
  6. Human Resource Training program
  7. Marketing Training program
  8. Finance Training program
Professional Training Program

Corporate Training

The corporate training program is short-term training program organized by Pro Tree to train their employee and interns to compete with the current scenario of corporates. We have one of the best corporate training programs in current industries. We tie-up with many industries and academic institute to train their employees, students and they got the maximum profits. Pro Tree provides corporate training in the field of latest tool and technology used by industries. Our corporate training team provides the best result and train students to use latest technology and tool to enhance their performance. Our company also provide corporate training certification program, by this certification program you get maximum benefits and improve your skill at next level.

Professional Training Program


A seminar is academic instruction given by professional either at an academic institution or commercial organization. Our company organized seminars for different university and college, we also organized seminars for many commercial organization and they are benefitted by us. Our company has those professional who have good theoretical and practical knowledge in IT and management field. We have delivered seminars on different topics like- Big Data, Cloud Computing, SEO, Java, Android, Business analysis, communication skills, leadership quality, marketing strategies etc. Our company professional delivered seminar with a practical approach so that everybody can understand which is very useful in both commercial level and academic level.

Professional Training Program


The workshop is a brief intensive educational program that focuses especially on skills and technique in the particular field. Pro Tree conducted workshops on many topics like- Android workshop, Java workshop, PHP workshop, web designing workshop, graphics designing workshop, IOT (internet of things), Hadoop workshop, testing workshop etc. These workshops are conducted by the very experienced team which trained you as per industries requirements and you get maximum profit by this workshop. We conducted the workshop in industries, universities and college level; by this workshop, they got what they want and which is an essential for them.

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