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Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack

What is Wanna Cry Ransomware Attack:

The WannaCry ransomware attack is an ongoing cyber attack. It is a ransomware computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is one of the biggest cyber attacks which has affected 150 countries within two days.

Day It Starts: 12th May 2017

Effect: Infected 230,000 computers and counting

Demand: Ransom in Bitcoin from $300 to $600 in order to decrypt the system. But there is no surety of system decryption as bitcoin is the untraceable way of payment.

Who can be infected: Big organization, Companies who are running older version of Microsoft security or did not update their security with updated patches provided by Microsoft two months back i.e., 14th April 2017

System Type: Windows system (No guarantee for Mac or linux)

It is not bounded to the computer system it could be any device which runs from the internet that means scanner, refrigerators, softwares etc.

How to protect from the attack: 

  1. Do not open or click unknown links.
  2. Do not download unknown files (images/video/RAR/Zip file etc.)
  3. Do not open spam mails.
  4. Do not login in public system.
  5. Do not accept any transaction from an unknown resource.
  6. Do not entertain an unknown email conversation.

What is bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released as open-source software in 2009. Bitcoin is a digital asset which is decentralized that means it is quite difficult or near to impossible to trace the transaction flow.

What is worm: A computer worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers.

Any code designed to do more than spreading the worm is typically referred to as the “payload” (Example: Wannacry). Typical malicious payloads might delete files on a host system, encrypt files in a ransomware attack, or exfiltrate data such as confidential documents or passwords.

The most common payload for worms is to install a backdoor. This allows the computer to be remotely controlled by the worm author as a “zombie”. Networks of such machines are often referred to as botnets and are very commonly used for a range of malicious purposes, including sending spam or performing DoS attacks.

How to protect the system from worm: Worms spread by exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems. Vendors with security problems supply regular security updates and if these are installed on a machine then the majority of worms are unable to spread to it.

What is Virus: A computer virus is a type of malicious software program. Once it is executed, it replicates by reproducing itself (copying its own source code) and infects other computer programs by modifying them. Infecting computer programs can include data files or the “boot” sector of the hard drive. It causes system hardware failure, software failure, file encryption, and data loss.

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